Free Downloadable Handouts for Catholics - Answers to the 30 Most Frequently Asked Questions in Catholicism

Answers to the most common Catholic questions


Click the links below, or go to, to download answers to the most common Catholic questions!

  1. What is the Catechism of the Catholic Church? 
  2. How Do We Know God?
  3. How Do We Know Truth?
  4. Does Church Tradition Change?  Does God's Revelation Continue in Catholicism?
  5. Who Can Teach Authoritatively? Can Only Catholic Priests, Bishops, & Popes Interpret the Bible?
  6. What is a Valid Church? Is the Catholic Church the Only True Church?
  7. What is Sin According to the Catholic Catechism? Do Different Sins Need Different Sacrifices?
  8. How can we be saved according to the Catholic Catechism?  Is salvation alone thru Catholicism?
  9. Do We Receive Grace and the Holy Spirit through the Catholic Sacraments?
  10. Does Salvation Come through Catholic Mass? Does Giving Money to Church Save Us?
  11. Is Catholic Baptism Necessary for Salvation?
  12. Is Catholic Confirmation Necessary for Salvation & the Holy Spirit?
  13. Is Catholic Eucharist Necessary for Salvation?
  14. Does Our Eucharist Help the Dead? Help Us Connect to the Dead?
  15. Is Catholic Penance Necessary for Salvation and Forgiveness?
  16. Is Peter the First Pope?
  17. Did Peter have Authority Over All the Apostles?
  18. Does Peter Call Himself a Pope or Bishop?
  19. Was Peter Married? Is Priestly Celibacy Biblical?
  20. What Is Veneration? Is Mary Our Mother? Should Mary Be Venerated?
  21. Was Mary Always Saved?  Did Mary Never Sin?
  22. Is Mary the Cause of Salvation?
  23. Was Mary a Virgin Her Entire Life? Did Jesus Have Any Brothers?
  24. Is It True that Mary Never Died? Did Mary Ascend to Heaven? 
  25. Are Images of Jesus, Mary, Saints, or Angels Helpful or Harmful? Do Relics &Rosaries have Power? 
  26. Should We Pray to Mary and Saints? Is it ok to Pray to Angels?
  27. Will I Go to Purgatory? Do Indulgences Help Us? 
  28. Can Marriages Be Annulled? What about Catholic Divorce and Remarriage?
  29. Internal Inconsistencies within the Catholic Catechism
  30. Why is the Catholic Bible Different? Is the Deuterocanon / Apocrypha Trustworthy?

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